UK AStronomy Show

*VOLUNTEERS WANTED* Immersive Experiences will be attending the fantastic UK Astronomy Show from 13-14 October 2017 @ The event is run by Graham and Martin have been long time personal friends and both share a passion for Astronomy and in particular Astro Imaging, they have joined forces together for many years at Kelling Heath Spring and Autumn Star Parties, Imaging under the rural skies of North Norfolk. We will be attending both days, and need help with the planetarium and booth

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Nigel A Ball. ” Tales from the dark side ” 9.45am

Dr Helen Mason OBE. ” Our Dynamic Sun ” 11.00am

Dr Denis Erkal. ” Dark Matter ? ” 1.00pm

Dr Jonathan Nichols. ” Juno Mission ” 2.15pm

Dr Nicholas Achilleos. ” Cassini and Juice” 3.30pm

Dr Guillem Anglada. ” Proxima b ” 4.45pm


NAEC Warwickshire CV8 2LG

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