Medical Experts in the Family Court: Where Two Worlds Collide

How does everyday medical practice get interpreted in the courtroom? In cases of child protection, do everyday decisions made in a resource-limited NHS stand up to cross-examination? Does the duty of care in hospital also extend to collecting evidence, and are the obligations of the doctor looking after a child different to the obligations of the expert commenting on them in retrospect? How does this affect the number of medical personnel willing to come forwards to give expert evidence?

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Professor Owen Arthurs is a Paediatric Radiologist who leads Innovation & Research for Radiology at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital NHS . Professor Jo Delahunty KC is one of the UK’s leading barristers specialising in cases concerned with families and children. She was Gresham Professor of Law between 2016 and 2020.


Barnard's Inn Hall London EC1N 2HH

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