Ideas About Proof in Mathematics

Joint lectures with the British Society for the History of Mathematics. This event will focus upon mathematical proofs. The main speaker, Professor Agathe Keller (6pm) will look at decolonisation of the history of proofs, providing examples outside of what has been called a “colonial library”, using, in particular, Sanskrit sources. This will be preceded by shorter presentations by Dr Richard Oosterhoff (4pm) and Dr Fenner Tanswell (4.45pm).

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Professor Agathe Keller is based at CNRS / Université Paris Cité, where she works on the mathematical practices testified by Sanskrit treatises and commentaries dating from the 5th-14th centuries. Dr Richard Oosterhoff is senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, where he teaches early modern history and the history of science. Dr Fenner Tanswell is a philosopher working as a Researcher at the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Barnard's Inn Hall Holborn London EC1N 2HH

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