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Space Lates – Backyard Astronomy

For this Space Lates, we’re looking at how you can get involved in astronomy, from simple garden viewing, the equipment to use, what to look for and how to photograph the night sky. We’ve curated a special evening packed with guest speakers, interactive workshops, planetarium shows, stargazing, and live demos. Explore our galleries after-hours and finish your evening with a live astronomy session with Leicester Astronomical Society (weather permitting).

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Pete Lawrence, BBC Sky at Night

Pete Lawrence has presented an observing section on the long running BBC Sky at Night television programme since 2004. Pete is highly regarded in the world of astrophotography and is one of eighteen recipients of the Davies Medal awarded by the Royal Photographic Society for significant contribution in the digital field of imaging science. Pete is a Physics with Astrophysics alumni from the University of Leicester.


National Space Centre Exploration Drive Leicester LE4 5NS

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