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In conversation with Sir Roger Penrose

In this event, Sir Roger joins Thomas Fink and Yang-Hui He on stage for a conversation about the man behind the science. We take a rare look into the workings of this singular mind. How does he get his ideas? Is beauty a guide to truth? What’s the basis of free will? Is AI a threat? Can art inform science? And is man different from machine? This event is organised by the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences in partnership with the Royal Institution.

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Sir Roger Penrose Kt OM FRS is Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor at Oxford. He won the Nobel Prize in Physics and the Wolf Prize in Physics and was appointed to the Order of Merit. His work spans general relativity, black holes, cosmology, tiling theory and the theory of mind.

Thomas Fink, a Caltech alumnus, is Director of the London Institute and Charge de Recherche in the French CNRS. Yang-Hui He, a Princeton alumnus, is a Fellow at the London Institute, Professor at City University.


The Royal Institution 21 Albemarle Street London W1S 4BS