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World Space Week: How to tackle climate change from space

Join RAL Space's webinar to hear careers talks from the women who help study our climate from space. Space missions are important not only to look out into space but also to look down at Earth. During this webinar, designed for upper Key Stage 2 students (ages 9-11) and teachers, you will learn what people do in their jobs, their journey from school to today and the variety of jobs young people could do to make a difference. Classes can ask questions and take part in an activity to explore Earth

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Cat is a Systems Engineer who prepares spacecraft for launch that will orbit the Earth and monitor climate change.

Kate is an Environmental Data Scientist who gathers weather, climate and Earth observation data from around the world and puts them in a big supercomputer called JASMIN. She recently worked with the team that published the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report.


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