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Preventing the Extinction of Tropical Species

*Watch Online/In person*Environmental change in the tropics is driving thousands of species to extinction. The tropics, the hotter, wetter zone around the equator, contain most of the world's species. This lecture explains why it is difficult to predict the number and identities of the most endangered species. It highlights what we know and can do to help stop some of the world’s most charismatic and unique species, such as the Geoffroy’s spider monkey and the hyacinth macaw, from going extinct.

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Dr Cristina Banks-Leite is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Life Sciences at Imperial College London investigating the causes and consequences of species extinction in human-modified landscapes of tropical regions. Her research proposed a threshold of 30% forest cover for effective restoration of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, results which provided subsidies for the implementation of two environmental resolutions as well as a federal decree in Brazil.


Gresham College Barnard's Inn Hall Holborn EC1N 2HH

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