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Science in Remote Places: A conversation with four physicists

How cold does it get in the South Pole science station? What’s it like to be stuck in Antarctica for months at a time? How deep is Britain’s deepest flushing toilet? How do you use a particle physics detector to find the age of wine? For the answers to these and indeed any science questions you have ever wanted to know, or if you are just curious what it’s like being a physicist, come and chat with us!

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- Kristy Hopley is a second year physics student at the University of St Andrews.
- Dr. Summer Blot is an astroparticle physicist living in Berlin who spends her days studying the neutrino.
- Emma Meehan is the Senior Science Technician at Boulby Underground Laboratory.
- Dr. Jennifer Wadsworth is a microbiologist and space scientist who received her PhD from the University of Edinburgh and recently completed her postdoc at NASA Ames Research Center, California.


Online (Zoom) London W6

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