British Science Week webinar: How to get a job in the space industry

Space is not just for astronauts; it takes a wide variety of people and skills to make space missions and projects successful. During this webinar for Key Stage 3 students, teachers and parents/guardians, you will learn about the careers available to young people in the space industry, what people do in their jobs day-to-day, the skills they use and their journey from school to their current job. You will also hear from the National Space Academy and have the chance to ask your own questions.

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Speakers from RAL Space will share stories of their different career paths and explain their projects which involve innovating for the future:

- Katherine is a thermal engineer, investigating how to use space technology to help reduce food waste in India;
- Angela is a technician with a background in arts and crafts, now using her creative skills to make space blankets;
- Mario is a space weather scientist, looking at the phenomena that cause the spectacular auroras (the Northern Lights).


RAL Space Online - Zoom OX11

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