'HOW TO CATCH THE SUN...' FREE Evening Presentation

Guest Speaker: Colin Palmer, Director of Wight Community Energy. 'How to Catch the Sun...' Explores the world of natural energy: What is energy? Why do we need it and how can we catch it without harming our home...The Earth. TIME: 6-8pm:Stargazing in the Park, buy+bring your Fish'n'Chip Supper (from Osse's Plaice across the road)! TIME: 7-8pm'How to Catch the Sun...' Presentation VISIT: https://citizenscienceiow.wixsite.com/events/presenters

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Our Ground-breaking Guest Speaker, Colin Palmer, active in renewable energy since the 70s, is the Director of Wight Community Energy, a solar energy community enterprise; in 1988 he founded Windcluster Ltd, a wind energy company based in Cumbria; a former Director for British Wind Energy Association + ReGen Southwest; a trustee for Bristol's Centre for Sustainable Energy + supports new tech companies i.e. Shamba Technologies + For Stoves! Recently completed a PhD in the flight of pterosaurs!


Downside Community Centre Furrlongs, Pan Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 2AX PO30 2AX

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