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Swansea - Free STEM event - UK Space Design Challenge and Swansea University Outre...

  • Saturday 4th November, 2017 – 8:30am
  • Swansea University, Swansea

An exciting day of space design for 10 -18 year olds. This engineering simulation allows students to combine an ...

The Reality Frame

  • Tuesday 14th November, 2017
  • Brendon Books CIC, Taunton

Once, we sought absolutes, certainties, and facts to explain the world around us. But as science has developed, ...

Year 8 & 9 Careers

  • Wednesday 29th November, 2017
  • Jaguar Land Rover Engine Manufacturing Centre, Wolverhampton

Ideal for students about to choose their options subjects this day will give them the opportunity to explore som...

So you want to be an Engineer?

  • Thursday 7th December, 2017
  • Jaguar Land Rover Engine Manufacturing Centre, Wolverhampton

Bring along your students to hear first-hand what a large business looks for in its employees and the spectrum o...

Women In Engineering

  • Thursday 1st March, 2018
  • Jaguar Land Rover Engine Manufacturing Centre, Coven Wolverhampton

Students will have the opportunity to work with senior female staff to explore their roles and career paths. Thr...

Meet the Professional (Meet the Pro)

  • Riddlesdown Collegiate, Purley

Our school runs several Meet the Pro events throughout the year and we would welcome anyone who is in a STEM car...

Future Debates: Does it matter who funds science?

  • London

Does it matter if private companies fund science? Does private funding create bias in the research? How can we t...