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Enceladus. An Alien Sea of Life?

  • Friday 15th December, 2017 – 7:30pm
  • Seething Observatory, Thwaite St Mary

Enceladus has captured the imagination ever since it was found to have a liquid ocean under the surface. From Ne...

Cafe Scientifique Portsmouth

  • Thursday 25th January, 2018 – 7pm
  • Park View Cafe Bar, Portsmouth

Café Scientifique Portsmouth where you can learn and get your questions answered by scientists. Follow us on Twi...

Photon Fun! Experimenting with the fastest thing in the universe - light.

  • Saturday 10th March, 2018 – 10:30am
  • St Pauls Learning Centre, , Bristol

British Science Week (Sponsored by the British Science Association) - Saturday March 10th 3 sessions througho...

Moving and raising a stone

  • Saturday 10th March, 2018
  • Stonehenge Visitor Centre, Nr Amesbury

We will be attempting to move and raise a 4 tonne stone at the visitor centre at Stonehenge, using the technique...