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Wanted - Future Debates - How should research be funded?

Looking for: Speaker (free) and Volunteer - reasonable travel expenses will be considered and paid on agreement. We are looking for enthusiastic and confident speakers who can comfortably discuss the topic of science funding - giving an external view of why Universities should/shouldn't accept funding from companies and other similar organisations. Volunteers are needed to help with the management of the event - through publicity and promotion to meeting and greeting on the night.

BSA Future Debates : Should medical research be funded by pharmaceutical companies?

As part of the British Science Association (BSA) Future Debates, I will be hosting a debate on whether medical research should be funded by Pharmaceutical companies. Event time is 6pm to 8pm. I am looking for people from journalist to just opinionated individuals to debate the above topic. Refreshments will be provided at the end of the night. This event will be part of Black history month so I am looking for people from black ethnicity to share their pathway into their STEM careers.

British Science Week Workshops Communicators Wanted

We are looking for British Science Week Workshop Communicators, Speakers and Volunteers based in greater London. Find out more about our workshops here: Apply here: or email: Scientifically yours, Team Mother Nature Science

Cafe Scientifique - Future Debates

Cafe Scientifique at Arlingtons In Ipswich is an informal free to attend series of talks on science based subjects. We are looking for professionals who have an interest and are involved in funding for scientific research to be on a panel of speakers for a debate entitled DOES IS MATTER WHO FUNDS SCIENCE . Arlingtons is a restaurant with a fantastic history and we would love to wine and dine you before kickoff at 7pm or on another occasion at your convenience. A collection is taken for travel.

Chill with Dad & Teatime Session - Home-Start Ashford & District

We are a registered charity who offer home visits to families with at least one child under five. Our volunteers stay with a family for up to a year. We also offer a group for Dads and their children up to the age of eight. We would like to run two events next March engaging the children and adults with science. It would be part interactive and part informative in a fun way! One session would run 16.00 -17.30 and our Dads one would run either 10-12 or 2-4. We would love to hear from you.

Fun Science Clubs and Parties

Fun Scientists are looking for Confident, articulate and charming personalities with free time on weekday afternoons and/or weekends for the most creative bespoke science presentation events in the UK. All training and materials are provided. want to know more? contact us and have a chat.

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Wanted - Swansea - Free STEM event - UK Space Design Challenge at Swansea University

Looking for: Adviser and Volunteer

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