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Chris Hall

Chris  Hall

I work in medical communications, and I specialise in helping to educate healthcare professionals about treatments, which are new on to the market. As part of my role, I regularly interact with not only doctors, nurses, the pharmaceutical industry, the NHS, patients, charities and other stakeholders in health. My real drive is to have a discussion with the public regarding the future of health and how people can be engaged about how drugs are developed.

Skills and experience

  • Institution: Aurora Healthcare Communications
  • Current position: Medical Education Lead

I am also a STEMNET ambassador and so regularly spend time in schools working on a variety of things to engage and inspire children around science. I have regularly interacted with adults and children regarding topics such as: The future of science The importance of healthcare The importance of collaboration in medicine I am a seasoned presenter and also have a strong practical scientific background. Which I gained during my PhD in ecotoxicology.

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