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Tim Mason

Tim Mason

Dr Mason started out as an Undergraduate at the University of Kent in what was then the very new School of Biological Sciences. Almost immediately he took an interest in microbiology, the study of bacteria and viruses and chose to stay on to do research following graduation there in 1974. His research into the competition between intestinal bacteria continued there, at Warwick University and then at what was to become Portsmouth University, where he gained a PhD in 1980. On gaining a He remained

Skills and experience

  • Institution: University of Portsmouth
  • Current position: Visiting Lecturer

Having been appointed a lecturer at the University of Portsmouth in 1980 he remained there undertaking teaching and research until his retirement in 2013. He taught Pharmacy and other students about bacteria, viruses, vaccines and antibiotics. Such was his enthusiasm for the subject that in his final years he had begun going outside the institution to give his, very well received "Plagues and Pestilence: Past and Present" lectures to a wide range of both academic and non-academic audiences.

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