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Johnny Ball

Johnny Ball

Johnny has been enthusing about Maths and Science for many years and is still as motivational as ever since his 23 Maths and Science series for BBC and ITV all written and presentedby Johnny. He also wrote and produced 5 Educational Stage Musicals in the 1990's and his Dome Show in 2000 sold every place for the entire year. In the week of writing he will do a Comedy Dinner, a 6th form Maths Masterclass and a National Rotary Conference, while writing a popular History of Mathematics for 2017.

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  • Institution: Vast and always Freelance
  • Current position: Available

Direct Contact details can be viewed along with a Gallery and Biography at There are a few of Johnny's programs on YouTube of which Think of a Number on Light is recommended? His DK Book, Think of a Number sells worldwide in many languages. When it was announced that Chinese Maths Teachers were coming to the UK, the book had just sold 30,000 in the Chinese Language in Beijing alone?

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