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Nick Higgs

Nick Higgs

I am a skilled science communicator who is committed to engaging public audiences with marine science. My research is on the biology of deep ocean habitats, and I have participated in five oceanographic research expeditions. I also study tropical lobster fisheries in the Bahamas, my home country. You can find out more at As well as being a scientist, I am a Christian and regularly lead interactive sessions for schools looking at how science & faith relate to each other.

Skills and experience

  • Institution: Plymouth University
  • Current position: Deputy Director of the Marine Institute

Science Events 2010-2012: Nature Live events at the Natural History Museum in London 2013: Big Bang Science Fair in London 2013: Imagining the Deep at the Nottingham Contemporary art gallery 2014-2016: God & The Big Bang 2016: Cheltenham Science Festival Science Writing 2015: Dark Eaters: The Animals Living an Alternative Lifestyle in New Scientist 2015: A Requiem for Giants in the Shark Focus magazine TV Britains Whales & Britains Sharks ITV primetime Documentary

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