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Adrian Burden

Adrian Burden

Dr Adrian Burden is a materials scientist turned entrepreneur. He is the founder and curator of the Malvern Festival of Innovation and co-founder of the Wyche Innovation Centre. He is a commentator on innovation & entrepreneurship and an Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Worcester. He is author of the book Start to Exit. Previously he co-founded and later exited Singular ID, a high technology anti-counterfeiting and brand protection business. Adrian is a STEM Ambassador.

Skills and experience

  • Institution: Innovate Malvern CIC
  • Current position: Managing Director

Adrian has experienced working life in academia, industry and on the startup scene. He is able to talk about the trials and tribulations of taking a technology from lab to market, linking STEM subjects with entrepreneurship. He has extensive experience facilitating technology road-mapping workshops and translating ideas into plans for a variety of organisations. He has organised numerous editions of the Malvern Festival of Innovation, Malvern Science in the Park and TEDxMalvern.

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