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Sarah Armstrong

Richard Waller

Richard is a geographer working at Keele University with a particular interest in glaciers, permafrost and Arctic environments. His primary research interests relate to the development and interpretation of glaciated landscapes and he has worked on glaciers in Iceland, Norway, the Alps, Greenland and Arctic Canada. He has delivered sessions on a range of topics relating to glaciers, permafrost and Arctic environmental change to a variety of different audiences.

Narzra Ahmed

Johnny Ball

Johnny has been enthusing about Maths and Science for many years and is still as motivational as ever since his 23 Maths and Science series for BBC and ITV all written and presentedby Johnny. He also wrote and produced 5 Educational Stage Musicals in the 1990's and his Dome Show in 2000 sold every place for the entire year. In the week of writing he will do a Comedy Dinner, a 6th form Maths Masterclass and a National Rotary Conference, while writing a popular History of Mathematics for 2017.

Paul Williams

Dr Paul D. Williams is a Royal Society University Research Fellow in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading. He obtained his PhD in atmospheric, oceanic and planetary physics from the University of Oxford in 2003. He makes frequent TV appearances on the BBC, ITV, Sky News, and CNN. He has been described by The Sunday Times as "one of the best young scientists working in Britain today". His scientific research focuses on climate change, atmospheric waves, and turbulence.

David Hall

David Hall presents Inspirational and Interactive shows: as Sir Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday and Isambard Kingdom Brunel (all in association with Johnny Ball Productions). He also offers "Mathmagics!", as well as dynamic and unforgettable Shakespeare and Drama workshops and a one (or two) man show on The Great Fire of London..! He regularly tours across the UK and beyond and, when he's not doing that, David delivers Leadership Presence (and Storytelling) courses in major companies globally!

Tim Mason

Dr Mason started out as an Undergraduate at the University of Kent in what was then the very new School of Biological Sciences. Almost immediately he took an interest in microbiology, the study of bacteria and viruses and chose to stay on to do research following graduation there in 1974. His research into the competition between intestinal bacteria continued there, at Warwick University and then at what was to become Portsmouth University, where he gained a PhD in 1980. On gaining a He remained

Michael Tyler

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  • Sittingbourne, Kent (Travel anywhere)
  • Subject: Education

Graeme Jones

Graeme Jones is Chemical Ecologist with a passion for public science, working as a freelance Science Communicator and Senior Lecturer at Keele University. He has won many awards including; NESTA Dreamtime Award Fellow Royal Society Summer Exhibition Soiree Lecturer Finalist EU Descartes Prize for Science Communication The BA Lord Kelvin Award Lecturer Guinness World Record Holder - largest model of DNA in the world Royal Society of Chemistry National Higher Education Teaching Award

Jack Pressman

Peter Horton

The world view provided by Gaia science shows us how the planet really works and where we as a species fit in. The insights it gives us are fundamental in assessing the impact of human activity on the natural world, and particularly relevant for an understanding of the issues of sustainability and climate change. Gaia's Company explores the cultural implications of the Gaia world view in a practical and entertaining way, through performance, interactive workshops and educational events.

Wenwen Bao

Stephen Plater

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  • Hull, City of Kingston-upon-Hull (Travel anywhere)

Joe Nunez-Mino

I have worked in the conservation sector as a volunteer and professionally for most of my life. I have a PhD from University of Oxford on "Biodiversity Indicators and Conservation Priorities" as well as MSc from Birkbeck College and Imperial College. I have spent extensive periods of time in the field carrying out research in the tropics.

Nick Higgs

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  • Plymouth (Travel anywhere)

I am a skilled science communicator who is committed to engaging public audiences with marine science. My research is on the biology of deep ocean habitats, and I have participated in five oceanographic research expeditions. I also study tropical lobster fisheries in the Bahamas, my home country. You can find out more at As well as being a scientist, I am a Christian and regularly lead interactive sessions for schools looking at how science & faith relate to each other.

Bright Club (Manchester)

Bright Club Manchester is the comedy club where researchers, from all fields and backgrounds, take to the stage to perform short stand-up comedy routines about their work. Why? Because it’s fun, interesting, and genuinely useful. Comedy and research have a lot in common. Most of our performers have no experience of doing stand-up comedy, or haven’t even considered it before, but that does not matter. We provide training and support and a transformation occurs.

Ivette Negrete

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